New Logo, Email verification and more - v0.2

After the v0.1 release during 24hrStartup, I have been busy adding a few small features for

New Logo

The most visible one is the brand new logo you see on the home page. The cube in the logo represents the neat little package whenever you release your product. Logo

Email verification

Now any new signups would require clicking on a verification link via email. Email verification is necessary because I have faced the problem of unverified accounts. I have been inundated with numerous emails from accounts I haven't created because I have a pretty common email address. email verification screenshot

Atom Feed

Your ChangeLog site now has Atom Feed enabled. Your users could subscribe to the feed in their favorite Feed Reader and get updates immediately.

Test Cases is now much more stable because I have added few unit test cases to catch obvious errors. The previous version didn't have any test cases, as I built it in less than 24 hours. We all know that more test cases == more stable product.

Other minor changes

There were many other small bug fixes and minor UI changes to make the site better.